Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (A.02)

– Bernard Gaube, Holy 1, Oil on canevas, 2018, 46 x 37 cm
– Julien Saudubray, Watching #25, Pastel and oil on canevas, 2021, 163 x 115 cm

Holy! Holy! Holy!

Holy! Holy! Holy! is like a great cry of joy, an incantatory formula, a hymn to life.

Borrowing its title from Allen Ginsberg’s poem, (Howl, 1955) the exhibition is an open intergenerational dialogue between two painters, Bernard Gaube (°1952) and Julien Saudubray (°1985), initiated by the curator Septembre Tiberghien.

Based on a questioning about the place of the spiritual in art, it brings together the works of the two artists – paintings and sculptures mainly, some of which were made more than fifteen years apart – emphasizing a certain similarity of spirit. This comparison allows the specificity of their plastic language, rich and varied, to be brought to light, but also to make unexpected formal comparisons. Thus appear supple and sinuous lines, frank cuts, flat tints of colors that seem to vibrate in chorus and resonate from one piece to another. Independently of the subjects, serious or sensitive, as well as the references to the history of art, always treated with a lot of freedom, it is the pleasure of painting, of drawing, of creating that transpires from these works and speaks directly to the soul (to use Kandinsky’s expression).                

As an echo to this presentation, and to prolong the pleasure of contemplation and reflection, an edition specially conceived for the Art Antwerp fair, containing a set of quotations between the two artists, will be distributed free of charge to the public.