12 – 15 December 2024
 Antwerp Expo


Art Antwerp and Art Brussels is pleased to announce its partnership with artpass IDthe 1-Click KYC app for secure and AML compliant buying and selling art.

During the fair, the participating galleries have legal obligations requiring them to ask the buyer, for purchases above €10,000, for certain documents or to answer some Know Your Customer (KYC) questions.

While this may seem like a minor inconvenience, it plays a significant role in : 

  • Protecting You:Ensuring that your art acquisitions are secure and legitimate. 
  • Supporting Galleries: By protecting them from severe penalties. Recently, a gallery in France faced a nearly €40,000 fine for non-compliance with AML regulations. This incident underscores the importance of diligence in these matters.To make this step in your purchases as smooth as possible, we suggest :  
  • Be Prepared: Please ensure you have a valid ID document and proof of address with you. 
  • 1-Click KYC App: For your convenience, consider using the 1-click KYC app from our partner, artpass.ID. This efficient tool simplifies the process to a mere 1-click QR scan.

What is artpass ?
artpass ID is the first digital identity trust (‘DIT’) network designed specifically for the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulated art market. Our mission is to achieve friction-free Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliant art transactions while building a culture of trust and transparency. artpass ID is a London-based art reg tech start-up with an office in Antwerp.

artpass IDs are free of charge for artists and buyers and can be re-used every time members transact. With the artpass ID app, the necessary documents are digitally uploaded and verified, and all that is needed for the buyer is to scan the seller’s artpass ID QR code.

Artpass.ID will be present during the fair to answer all your questions and guide your onboarding on the App. The KYC onboarding will be located in the Art Lounge.

Watch the video introduction here.